The World's first Sufi Opera Singer!

Saira Peter, classical vocalist in both eastern and western traditions, composer, fusion music artist, author, philanthropist..


British-Pakistani soprano Saira Peter BSc MSc (Karachi) MA (London) is the world’s first SUFI-OPERA™ singer. 

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What is Sufi-Opera?

Sufi-Opera™ is a new genre of music. It combines elements of both eastern and western classical traditions in one work. 

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Find some music videos here or go to Saira’s social media sites to watch videos or stream songs.

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Karachi born British Pakistani Saira Peter is the world’s first Sufi Opera singer. Sufi-Opera is a new genre of music. It combines elements of both eastern and western classical traditions in one work. This was always considered to be impossible. But that was before Saira Peter entered the Arts world and proved it could be done!  She can sing both styles in one continuous breath, allowing them to meld together in one composition.
Saira’s sufi music is informed by the legacy of the Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai from Pakistan, a ‘sufi saint of music’  His poems inspired by Nature, resonated with Saira’s own Christian belief that the intelligence and power of God can be seen in the things He has made. Saira was given the privilege of visiting the saint’s Mausoleum in Bhit Shah.
Saira, like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai is also convinced that a spiritual life inspired by the Divine is moral, not selfish. It is a life that cares for the poor and works for social justice. Her first Sufi Opera work promotes  the value of female leadership and is based on one of Bhittai’s most popular stories.

What Saira does

Saira  is convinced in the multifaceted power of the Arts to transform lives. By her own lifestyle of self discipline and hard work, she inspires others to pursue personal excellence and to work to relieve the sufferings of vulnerable, underprivileged groups and victims of disasters.

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Saira’s charitable activity and leadership brings the world of sufferers to the attention of artists, governments, the media and diverse audiences worldwide. 

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TV Interviews

Saira has been interviewed on many TV channels and an Australian radio show! She served as Chief Judge on Voice of Sindh. We have selected a few of these for you!

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What the Press Say

From Pakistan to the Middle East, in Urdu, Sindhi, Arabic and English, the media chase after her. She cant enter her homeland without rapturous greetings at the airport!

Press Coverage

Pakistan is proud of their artist daughter, Saira. She has received awards from various bodies, including academic estabishments


The Secret of Success

The Creator generously gives gifts and talents to mankind. The secret of a successful life is not measured in external  factors, but by the inner life. Are we living in harmony with who we are made to be?


When the Light shines into our lives, what becomes visible?


Heaven rejoices when mankind seeks Him, no matter what.


Saira’s message to everyone is ‘Seek peace and pursue it’


Our lives are short, find meaning while there is time

Portfolio of Concert Performances

Saira has performed internationally. She sings western opera, eastern qawwali, ghazal or even ‘pop’. Her versatility encompases many genres. She was dubbed by the press as the originator of a new genre, ‘sufi-opera’. Her audiences comprise of music lovers from diverse backgrounds. Her musical adventures astound everyone as she brings people together in unique song and celebrations

Operatic Sensation, Karachi

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Mystic Music Festival, Konya

Saira sings an amazing qawwali she composed herself to celebrate the poetry of sufi mystic, Mawlana Rumi.

Mystic Music Festival, Konya

Saira sings Mozart’s Agnus Dei, accompanied on piano by Paul Knight

Mystic Music Festival, Konya

Saira performs ‘I know my  Redeemer Liveth at the  sufi music celebration in Turkey, 2021

Mystic Music Festival, Konya

Saira Peter performs her original composition of Farsi poetry by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum.

Mystik Music Festival Konya 

Saira sings ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at the Mystik Music Festival in 2021.

Shah Latif Peace Fest 16 London

‘Resplendent’, is the first English rendition of  a poem by Pakistan’s sufi saint, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.  ‘Tou Habib’ is sung by Saira Peter and Michael Rouse in a duet .

Shah Latif Peace Fest 16 London

Saira performed Handel’s great aria, ‘I know my Redeemer Liveth’ from the ‘The Messiah’. Accompanied  on piano by Paul Knight and by two professional dancers. 

PNCA Concert Islambad

Saira performs an amazing rendition of 
‘Koi Na Janey Kab Aye’ to a responsive audience at the National Music Festival, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad.

PNCA Concert Islamabad

Pakistan National Council of the Arts. Saira sings ‘Barey Be Murawat Hein’, a tribute to national singing legend, Suraiya Multani.

Memorial Concert, Bhit Shah

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NJArts concert, London

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Remit Charity Concert, London

Saira astounds the London audience with a rendering of the classical raag ‘Hamsadhwani’, accompanied by Stephen Smith,and Kamal Sabri.

Saira appointed her own Management Team

Such a unique talent as Saira’s does not fit into existing artist categories. She is ‘both and’. Multi genre, multi language, multi national, a global person who calls us to celebrate diversity

Zafar P Francis MA EMCA
Artist Manager


Do you sometimes feel everything has an energy of its own?  I am surrounded by creativity.  Saira, my wife always has new songs for me to work with, every day!

Stephen Smith MA
Musician,Promo, Artist Technical supervisor. 

Arias Studios

Saira always expects excellence from other professionals,  yet she still practices grace and patience in every thing she does. Her energy is unflagging. 

Rosemary James MA (oxon) MSc MA DIC
Artist Management

Saira’s music is loved not only in her homeland  but also in the  Middle East and Gulf States. Her unique ability to sing in western and eastern style, even in Arabic, is appreciated

Taoufiq Abouzaid  Publicist, North Africa and Middle East 


Saira  can transform your event!

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