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World's First Sufi Opera singer

Music in October!

*NJ Arts Chelsea London* presents *Cross-border Music*, 7 pm Saturday 21st October 2023. Cheong Li on erhu (a traditional Chinese instrument), British-Pakistani soprano Saira Peter, Tuomo Karjalainen on guitar, Neeraj Mistry on tabla and Dhrupad Mistry on Sarod Venue: NJ Arts London located 35-37 Edith Grove, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LB Tickets: More Info:

NJArts London

When Sir Cliff Richard OBE opened the Noor Jehan Centre in London in 1998, he said he hoped it would a space where ‘something special could happen’. Well it is still that kind of space and so many wonderful artists and music lovers meet in this unique centre. They inspire one another musically, whilst sharing…
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