World's First Sufi Opera singer

Saira is a founding member of the Sarah Foundation Pakistan. The organisation has recently partnered with Art Aid, a charitable project of Jamal Shah, the current Minister of Culture.
In the UK, she is Director of NJ Arts London (Noor Jehan Centre), a space opened by Sir Cliff Richard OBE and devoted to the support of diverse artists in a leading multi-cultural city.
In Pakistan, the Saira Arts Academy was opened in 2009 in Karachi. The first Saira Arts Fest was in 2010.
SAALOC (Saira Arts Academy on Location) is, an activity offering vocal coaching to women, free tuition in sciences, grants for school fees for underprivileged youth and medical assistance for the poor.

These galleries illustrate some projects she has initiated:

Sarah Foundation Pakistan Flood Relief Balochistan 2022

Skills Development and Education Support

Sindh Flood Relief.

Quake Rapid Relief Response 2005